22 Jul

Woohyun @wowwh

오늘도 부족한 우리를 보러와준 인스피릿 고마워용♥더더더더더열심히할테니까 질서도잘지키고 약속도잘지켜서 평생가자구용 그리구 우리 2주만활동하는거 절대아니니 맘아파하면안대욤=_= ㅋㅋ우린 데스티니!

130721 woohyun twitter

Trans : Thank you to Inspirits who came to watch the lacking us today as well ♥ We’ll work much much much much much harder, so please follow rules well and keep your promises well too and let’s go on forever. Also, we’re definitely not only promoting for 2 weeks, so don’t be hurt =_= ㅋㅋ We’re destiny! ♥


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