[BIG BANG] Winning Speech Translation in Gaon Chart K-Pop Award 2013.02.13

14 Feb

Big Bang oppadeul has won 3 categories in this award.. Check out what they has just said.. Thankz for Est


Songs Of The Year
(February – Blue)
“Thank you for this prize.
Though TOP and Daesung
aren’t here because of their
solo promotions, I’m sure
they’ll be thankful too. We
BIGBANG will keep working
hard this year. We’ll give
good music and good stages
to you. Please give us much
love. Thank you.

Songs Of The Year (March –
Fantastic Baby)
“Thank you for giving us
this amazing prize, the Song
Prize. We’ll work harder to
be a true singer. We’d like
to share this prize with Mr.
Yang Hyun Suk for helping
us to be a singer, Teddy, and
many staffs. Oh and VIP!
Thank you! I LOVE YOU!”

Albums of Year (1st
Quarter – Alive)
“Yes, I think I’m speaking
very often here. Thank you
for giving us these lots of
prizes. We keep coming up
and down the stairs like
this. But this kind of
tiredness makes us feel very
good. It’s okay to feel more
tired like this so please give
us more prizes. Oh and this
year, we’re planning to
promote our solos and also
BIGBANG. Please give us
much love. Whether you
give us a prize or not this
year, we’ll just keep
working hard on our music
and perform on stages.
Thank you everyone.”







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