[2PM] JunHo Poem in Hanako Magazine Translation 2013.02.14

14 Feb

In this valentine’s day uri JunHo has written a poem only you hotties.. It’s so sweet and touching.. Thankz for kimbopeepoppa

Tonight I am a waning moon
missing your presence.
Wandering through the clouds – I
go to you.
I see you dimly,
And hesitantly out the window
I use all my strength and shine my
moonlight for you.
I don’t think you know yet.
That I am the one drawing your
I am envious of the night breeze
that runs through you freely.
So with all my heart I slowly inhale
your scent which the wind has
carelessly left behind.
I think you are still unaware..
That your scent makes my heart
alive and beating.
If darkness ever haunts you
And your heart tells you to take a
rest on someone’s shoulder
I will always be there for you. By
your side.
I wish to be your shining moonlight
in the night sky, forever.
And as always, I shine my
moonlight brightly in your heart
today, and for eternity.


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