[TVXQ] Yunho Speech at Gaon Chart K-Pop Award 2013.02.13

13 Feb

TVXQ has won best album in Gaon Chart.. Congratulation oppadeul.. This is Yunho speech.. Thankz for MYTVXQ..


Yunho: Good evening everyone. I’m
TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho. Aiz~ The
microphone is really low. Our
hoobae SJ gets third quarter singer
award and we get fourth quarter
singer award, i feel very honoured.
Today i orginally wanted to get the
award with Changmin but he is
doing MC for the show “Moonlight
Prince” so only i come to receive
this award. The microphone is really
low. Producing an album is not an
easy work, we have to thank to Lee
Soo Man president and others.
Everyone knows this award belongs
to whom, right? It belongs to
Cassiopeia! I had many speechs
about the feeling of receiving
awards before, but everytime when
receiving an award, i still feel
excited to tremble. I was asked to
talk more but the thing i want to
say most is a singer has to be on
stage singing, performing, it’s the
most important. when you’re feeling
sad or feeling happy, it’s alright as
long as, we can breath with
everyone on the same stage. From
today to next 10 years, 20 years,
TVXQ has to become a group which
is always active on the stage! And
has to be with all sunbaes, hoobaes
sitting in front of me try our best
for a developing K-pop! Thank you
again! We will continue trying our

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