[FX] Sulli Me2day Update 2013.02.10

10 Feb

Sulli has updated her me2day account.. She felt envy with her fellow SM ent’s friend Shinee.. Thankz for kimchi hana
[설리] 지금 MBC에서 방송하고있는
샤이니오빠들 나오는 어느멋진날 보고
너무 재밌당 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 으아 정말
부러워~ 나도 진짜 여행 가고 싶다
~~~~ 샤이니오빠들 최고!!!

[Sulli] I’m watching Wonderful
Vacation with the SHINee oppas in
it airing on MBC right now kekeke
It’s so fun kekekekekeke wah I’m so
jealous~ I really wanna go on
vacation~~~~ SHINee oppas are
the best!!!


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