[SHINEE] Tae Min Me2day Update Feb 9 2013

9 Feb

Yesterday, Taemin of Shinee has said something on his me2day account.. He also post a picture.. He looks so happy playing in snowy road..Happy holiday Taemin.. Thankz for shinee.net


[ 태민] ‘Dream Girl’ 컴백 준비하면서
멤버들 각각 꿈 같은 휴식과 재충전의
시간을 가졌었는데, 아…지금 생각해봐
도 너무 두근거리는 순간이에요. 좀 이
따 0시 40분 방송되는 “샤이니의 어느
멋진날”!!! 여러분 우리 같이 본방사수
[Taemin] As we were preparing for
our ‘Dream Girl’ comeback, each of the members had a dreamy
vacation and a time of recharge.
Ah… Even thinking about it now, it
makes me really excited. “SHINee’s
Wonderful Day” will air later at
12:40AM!!! Everyone, we will watch
it live together, right?^^


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